Why The Vanguard And Why Now

This coming Monday, it’s going to be exactly eleven years since I’ve first been introduced to the world of mobile software. It was my 29th birthday (yes my birthday’s this Monday) and I had a friend hook me up with friends of his who were making their first steps in enterpreneuring at a small Palm software house they called Common Sense Software. They were looking at someone who could turn it into a real business, while they actually found a different company (Watapa). Kelly, Ramel, Dan and Benny – this fabulous foursome, as I’ve later come to name them, helped me found MobiMate, and spend these last eleven years watching (and participating) in the emergence of the mobile software economy – all the way from Palm Pilot applications to the current mobile internet / apps world. Six years ago we honed down on the world of travel services and distribution, and added web applications to the mix. And with MobiMate’s / WorldMate’s track record of leading in this market – from technological advances through business model innovation, I believe the Vanguard is very much where I’ve been this whole time. Which is fitting, considering it’s an anagram of my name…

For the last few years, I’ve been posting actively on my WorldMate Founder’s Blog. It’s time to have something separate of that. The Vanguard is my own blog, unrelated to that company, and does not represent the company or its management.


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